System Requirements

What you will need to use the AGC of Minnesota online courses:

  1. Your Computer
  2. Internet Browser IE or Netscape version 6 or higher
  3. Macromedia Flash Plug-in - most recent version
Your Computer

Your computer should be a multimedia computer with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista, Linux, Unix, or Macintosh. Your Internet connection speed should be at least 56 kbps.

Internet Browsers

The AGC of Minnesota online courses are optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer (v 6.0) and Mozilla Firefox (1.5+). Please check your browser version before entering the online courses. Having the most recent version of one of these browsers will help ensure a trouble-free experience.


Plug-ins allow your browser to play a variety of internet media, such as audio, video, and animations. If you need the Flash plug-in, click the icon below to download.
download Flash Player